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Masterful Sales Pitches

Training course in Masterful Sales Presentations

Delivering sales pitches with passion and power

Two Day Course

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  • Have a real sense of confidence in yourself as a presenter
  • Understand how to structure a pitch
  • Explain your proposition in a compelling way


Making presentations that motivate customers to buy a particular product or service is an increasingly important aspect of many sales people’s work. Indeed, in many organisations the ‘beauty parade’ is a key component of their buying process, so learning to deliver a sales pitch with skill and elegance is a required competency for top sales professionals. Based on research from the fields of behavioural and social psychology, this programme will provide participants with all the tools they need to create charismatic sales pitches that deliver bottom line results.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly interactive two-day course you will:

  • Gain an insight into how to assess pitch opportunities
  • Discover a 7-step structure for creating excellent sales pitches
  • Acquire strategies for the effective use of visual aids
  • Learn how to open and close a talk so that you make a good impression
  • Develop a strong, flexible speaking voice that exudes confidence and energy

Who should attend?

This is a training programme for senior executives, sales people, and technical experts who may become involved in making presentations to prospects, clients or customers. The structure of the course makes it suitable both for people new to presenting and for experienced speakers.

Pre course preparation

The emphasis of the course is on delivering material in front of an audience. In order to maximise the time available to do this participants need to draft two short sales pitches, with visual aids, in advance of the course. To help guide them in their preparation participants will be sent a Boulden planning guide to help structure their sales pitches. Participants should also allow time on the evening of day one of the course to modify and update the sales pitches that they’ll use on day two of the training.

Day 1

Scoring pitch opportunities

How to assess whether or not to commit resources to developing a pitch

  • Why formal assessment matters
  • Assessment criteria

Pairs exercise: assessing Pitch opportunities

Pitch Design

Understanding how to ‘build’ an effective pitch including ‘storyboarding’ and slide design

  • 7P’s Pitch Structure
  • 4 principles of good visual aid
  • Preparing to handle questions
  • Setting Stage Anchors
  • Rehearsal strategies

Pairs exercise: designing a pitch

Day 1 (cont)

Fundamentals of good delivery

Delivering the Pitch with passion and power

  • Voice control: Pausing, pace, power and pitch
  • Body language and gestures
  • Utilisation
  • Sign posts
  • Using visual aids

Group exercise: practise ‘talking’ to visual aid

Introducing & closing the pitch – the power of a strong opening

How to open the pitch in positive, engaging way (mastering the first 60 seconds). And how to end with a ‘bang’ not a whimper – having a powerful closing sequence.

  • Structured introduction sequence
  • Introducing yourself & Introducing a team – how to ‘credentialise’ your colleagues
  • The power of a good ‘headline’
  • ‘Stage Management’
  • Structured closing sequence

Group exercise: opening a pitch

Day 1 (cont)

How to deliver the ‘body’ of the Pitch

Tips, techniques and strategies for making the content of the Pitch compelling for the decision makers in the audience.

  • Establishing the ‘context’
  • Using ‘stories’
  • Explaining your solution

Group exercise: developing structured ‘solutions’

Practise Pitch Presentations

Delegates take turns to deliver their prepared Pitches and get feedback from their colleagues

Day 2

Voice work

Excellent presenters speak naturally and with pride. Here we consider the postural, breath control, and voice projection aspects of speaking well to groups.

  • Correct posture & relaxation
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Projection
  • Resonance

Pairs exercise: breathing exercises

Building presenter confidence

No one wants to see an anxious presenter in action. Here we look at techniques for exuding self-confidence and ‘commanding the stage’ when delivering a Pitch.

  • The AS IF technique
  • The acceptance prophecy
  • Reframing anxiety

Pairs exercise: exercises to build confidence

Day 2 (cont)

Sensory based language

How your choice of words can make your message ‘come to life’.

  • Four modes of thinking
  • Sensory language & pitching

Pairs exercise: using sensory language

Handling questions

Methods for dealing with hostile, difficult or awkward questions.

  • The 3-step technique
  • Car parking
  • Responding with a question
  • Inviting audience participation

Pairs exercise: open forum question and answer session

Day 2 (cont)

Rhetorical devices

How to talk in a highly persuasive manner; using the ancient techniques of formal ‘rhetoric’.

  • Triads
  • Antithesis
  • Anaphora
  • Metaphor

Pairs exercise: writing and delivering key messages using the rhetorical tools

Practise Pitch Presentations

Delegates take turns to deliver their prepared Pitches and get feedback from their colleagues


Numbers are limited to twelve per course to maximise participation in the programme. Presentations are videoed so that attendees can see for themselves how they come across to the audience and so they can see how they grow in confidence as the course progresses. In addition each presenter is given a detailed assessment of their talk, which is prepared by their peers.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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