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Professional Capabilities

Courses in Professional Capabilities

Developing Core Competencies

Making career progress involves (in part at least) developing underpinning skills and capabilities. Many of these skills will involve acquiring formal qualifications and achieving certifications in various technical areas but it is also necessary to develop certain inter-personal and intra-personal skills, based on goal setting, planning, self awareness and self control. It is these (mostly) soft skills - or psychological skills- that we, at Boulden, offer to develop.

We have a portfolio of workshops to develop key, professional, skills...

Modular Programmes: Our Graduate Development Programme lasts 12 months and consists of six, half day workshops covering key skills needed to thrive in the workplace, including; Time Management, Project Management and Problem Solving. It also has five group coaching sessions to give mentoring and support to the new graduates as they embrace the world of work. The Professional Business Partner has a similar overall structure and supports people taking on that role with modules that include; Internal Consultancy Skills and Conflict Management. .

2-Day Workshops: Our Managing Meetings programme gives a thorough grounding in all aspects of planning and running meetings of all kinds; from basic communication meetings to the facilitation of complex problem solving sessions and decision-making forums.

1-Day Workshops: We offer 3, one day sessions to help people master the core competencies of Time Management; hiring good people with our Successful Selection Interviewing course. And, for those looking to take charge of their career, we have a dynamic and insightful Focused Career Management Workshop.

Half-Day Workshops: There are 6, half-day workshops to choose from for those looking to build their professional capabilities. They include: Creative Thinking; Networking Essentials and Stress Management.

Espresso Sessions: Three, 90 minute espresso session are available to those who want 'micro training' in the topics of Managing Emotions, Strategic Networking and Developing Resilience.

Fast remote workshops on crucial topics, timed to suit your schedules.

Choice of ‘face to face’ In-House workshops or Remote/Virtual Learning

All our courses have traditionally been held either (i) in hotels or training venues to allow delegates to focus 100% on absorbing the material being covered, or (ii) on the client’s premises ensuring minimal disruption and allowing us to keep in close contact to the client’s specific needs and corporate culture.

While the ‘face to face’ option is the ideal circumstance for efficient learning of soft skills, we know that it’s not always practical to have people meet in-person, so all our programmes can also be run in a Remote/Virtual Training format using Zoom-based virtual workshops (often with accompanying e-learning modules as pre-work.)

As always we are happy to configure and individualise our courses to suit your exact requirements.


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