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Handling Fee Negotiations

Course in fee negotiations

Holding firm on price

Half Day Course

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  • Develop a clear Proposition
  • The power of proper preparation
  • Handling price objections


Sometimes buyers will claim that (although they really like our product or service) it costs too much. So the main (and maybe only) focus for them is about how to cut fees. The same holds true for seeking price increases, as the buyer will say, “Well, we like what you do but in this ‘soft market’ there is no way we can accept a price increase”.

This training considers how to defend against these tactics and hold firm on price and to focus the buyer on the value we are offering them instead.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly interactive and practical half-day course you will:

  • Gain an insight into defining your competitive advantage
  • Understand the buyer’s motivations
  • Learn the importance of ‘no surprises’ - pre-framing the pricing model
  • Master getting the body language right
  • Discover how to align the internal team with the pricing model

Who should attend?

People who are involved in negotiating fees or price increases.


Understanding the Value We Offer

To achieve a given pricing level it is not possible to trick or fool experienced business people into paying a given price based on ‘smoke and mirrors’, but rather it is necessary to prove that the price being asked for represents good value for money. We do this by developing a structured business case that highlights the value that our products or services provide the client.

  • Understanding Value
  • Benefits Matrix

Group exercise: Developing a Benefits Matrix

Targeting Key Decision Makers

Often, and especially with large customers, more than one person will have an input into the purchase of our products and services. This group or ‘cluster’ of people who have a say in the buying decision are known as the Key Stakeholders. It follows then that an important aspect of agreeing pricing levels is to systematically develop long-term relationships with the people who make up the stakeholder group.

  • Defining Decision Makers and their needs
  • Relationship Analysis

Pairs exercise: Conducting relationship analysis

Assessing Market Forces

We want to make sure that our Pricing Model is credible, so it is important to make sure that (a) our pricing level is not totally out of line with market realities, (b) that our offering is really distinct from our competitors and, (c) how easy or otherwise it is for a customer to switch suppliers.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ease of change

Group exercise: Assessing vulnerability

Objection Handling Strategies

Incorporating the most likely objections from the customer into our pricing model and identifying suitable responses.

  • The Redefine technique
  • Take it or leave it
  • Instalments technique
  • Additional Services gambit
  • Altering the package

Group exercise: Practicing the Redefine technique

Presenting the Pricing Model

How to quote a price (or a price increase) in a confident, professional manner.

  • Align internal resources
  • Manage expectations - the art of pre-framing
  • Positional Anchoring
  • Positive body language
  • Presenting the price

Group exercise: Practicing pre-framing

Pairs exercise: Presenting the price



Feedback is based upon peer review using Boulden assessment checklists. Completing the assessment checklists is not only valuable to the people involved in a given case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the building blocks that make up an effective fee negotiation strategy.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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