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The New Manager

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Helping ‘new managers’ perform to their full potential

12 month programme

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  • Learning how to set clear and compelling goals
  • Being recognised as a coach and mentor
  • Managing your manager’s expectations


This year long programme (consisting of six, half-day training modules, plus five group coaching sessions and a Closure Workshop) provides practical help to enable participants to become skilled people managers. It helps new managers to understand what is required to be successful in the role, and explains the techniques that are required to deliver outstanding personal performance and a motivated, energised team.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly intensive and practical course you will:

  • Appreciate the ‘golden rules’ of good management
  • Discover techniques for communicating effectively
  • Acquire skills for coaching your direct reports
  • Learn how to develop a strong sense of team spirit
  • Understand how to deal with conflict and diffuse tension

Who should attend?

All new managers who want to acquire a methodical and professional approach to managing their teams, and experienced managers who would like to undergo refresher training.

Programme structure

The New Manager Programme is a twelve month long development cycle that consists of a series of half-day, interlinked training modules, interspersed with group coaching sessions and ending with a Closure Workshop.



Coaching Sessions

Fundamentals of Management
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Coaching and Feedback
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Performance Management
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Meetings Mastery
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Conflict Management
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Networking & Influencing Strategies
Half-Day Master Class


Closure Workshop
Formal review of the programme


Module 1

Fundamentals of Management

Understanding what the manager’s role is and the mindset that is needed to be a successful manager.

  • Defining the role of the manager
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Learning the art of effective delegation
  • Mastering ‘One to One’ and Team Briefing meetings
  • Appreciating how to build team spirit

Module 2

Coaching and Feedback

Becoming a ‘mentor’ to the team and supporting and developing them by mastering coaching and feedback techniques.

  • The components of good quality feedback
  • Positive feedback
  • Direct feedback
  • Indirect feedback
  • Tailoring your feedback to account for cultural differences
  • The coaching process - the GROW model

Module 3

Performance Management

Grasping the processes and methods by which formal appraisal meetings can be productive and positive sessions that energise and motivate employees.

  • Appreciating the core values associated with delivering good quality appraisals
  • Mastering a range of development options for improving employees' skill levels
  • Discovering how to set performance goals
  • Understanding competencies and how they drive performance
  • Learning an elegant method for running appraisal interviews with confidence and poise

Module 4

Meetings Mastery

Running meetings and facilitating group sessions is a constant feature of the life of the manager and in this module we cover the art of running well-paced and productive meetings.

  • Gaining an insight into the stages involved in effective meetings planning
  • Understanding the value of briefing people in advance of a meeting
  • Using a seven-step process for running a meeting efficiently and professionally
  • Being aware of the three different types of business meeting that need to be run
  • Learning techniques for controlling a meeting and keeping things on track

Module 5

Conflict Management

Gaining an awareness of the sources of conflict that can arise when managing a team, and acquiring tools for defusing tension and reaching a solution.

  • Sources of conflict
  • 5 core conflict resolution strategies
  • Self-confidence in conflict situations
  • Conflict-resolution meetings process

Module 6

Networking and Influencing Strategies

Developing an understanding of the methods by which stakeholders can be influenced so that the manager can help shape decisions and get their contribution to the business recognised.

  • Understanding why networking is a key skill for a professional manager
  • Realising the importance of power and how to develop ‘power bases’
  • Analysing different types of influencing tactics and when to use them
  • Appreciating how lobbying can help to set the scene for successful influencing

Final Module

Closure Workshop

We conclude the programme with a Closure Workshop, during which each participant gives a presentation on how they have applied the lessons from the training in ‘real life’ over the past year. In this way the impact of the training on the business can be evaluated.

  • Presenting on what has been learnt and identifying the benefits gained from the programme
  • Reviewing any unanswered questions about becoming a high performing employee
  • Writing a personal development plan


Group Coaching (Action Learning)

Each half-day workshop is followed by an Action Learning phase, which involves the participants trying out the skills in ‘real life’ situations and then formally discussing how they are getting on in a group coaching session, facilitated by the Boulden consultant.

The key principle that underpins this work is simply the notion that ‘practice makes perfect’; so people need to be helped to implement what they have learnt into their daily work routines.

The group coaching allows the delegates to get access to guidance from a professional facilitator and receive support from their colleagues, as they try out their new skills in the work environment. The group coaching also provides an opportunity for the Boulden consultant to run ‘micro teaching sessions’ on topics of interest that arise out of the debates that take place between the participants as they discuss what happens when they attempt to use the tools ‘in action’. In addition, this ‘group mentoring’ helps to develop the participants’ analytical skills, builds team spirit and encourages what psychologists call ‘deliberate practice’, which is a key element of mastering a new skill.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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