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Ninety minute, Espresso Training workshops

Expresso Sessions

Focused, concise micro-training sessions

Boulden Espresso Workshops are ideal for ‘time poor’ professionals, managers and executives who want to boost their ‘soft skills’ but need to stay on top of tasks, emails and projects of as they deal with the demands of a challenging working day. These training events provide bite-size updates into tightly defined topics that are of keen interest to people who want to develop/refresh their soft skills in areas that will drive improved performance and personal productivity.

The sessions are only run in-house, so they can be scheduled to suits the needs of the business e.g. as a breakfast meeting, a mid morning workshop or a ‘lunch and learn’ event etc. To get the most out of the sessions the tone is relaxed and positive, while the pace is fast; in order to get the maximum amount of learning from each session.

As with all Boulden trainings the techniques taught are based on research findings, so the participants can be confident that they will see ‘real world’ results the they implement what they’ve learnt during each Espresso session. 

A 90 minute workshop on the skills needed to network successfully and make useful contacts.

A short intensive workshop to help you understand your clients' needs and spot sales opportunities.

Learn how to make a positive impression in meetings by developing ‘presence’.

A 90 minute intensive session on developing your ability to influence others.

Understanding, assessing, and developing your communication and interaction skills.

Learn how to achieve successful deals that both parties are happy with.

Learn how to motivate your staff with a ‘human’ people-management approach.

Learn to handle difficult message situations sensitively

Learn how to balance courtesy and directness in assertively putting your point of view.

Learn how to develop your network of relationships.

Learn how to bounce back from setbacks and adversity.

Learn how to best provide support for remote and home-working staff.

Learn how to provide direction and focus.

Learn how to plan effectively.

Learn how to say the right things to maintain good relations.

Learn how to be a calm, confident and reliable partner.

Learn to be savvy in making proposals.

Learn how to give feedback in a clear, direct and courteous manner.

Learn how to manage rude or unreasonable clients.

Learn how to engage with your customers.

Learn how to set quality targets.