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Management Skills

Management Skills - Half-Day Courses

Boulden Management Consultants half-day Management Skills courses

The art of management

A half-day course that covers the principal aspects of the manager’s job, including goal-setting strategies, delegation and communication skills.

A half-day course on developing awareness of how conflict arises and what can be done to ‘defuse’ difficult situations.

A half-day course on how to motivate and engage employees, including how to run a successful performance review session.

A half-day course on formal interviewing strategies to ensure that good hiring decisions are consistently made.

A half-day course on how to make meetings work well for all concerned. Topics covered includes a proven planning process and seven steps to a well controlled meeting.

A half-day course on the Line Manager’s role in initiating and conducting a disciplinary hearing, in line with their legal and ethical obligations.

A half-day course on what the line manager's responsibility to ‘bring on’ high potential employees in a way that benefits the talented individual and the business as a whole.

A half-day course on the mindset and techniques needed to solve problems, while avoiding common ‘decision traps’.

A half-day course on how to succeed in a Matrix Structure environment where you have two or more upward reporting lines.

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