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Developing Personal Presence

Training course in Professional Selection Interviewings

Speak in a way that makes people want to listen to you

One Day Course

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  • Feel calm and confident when engaging with people
  • Make your point clearly and concisely
  • Build rapport effortlessly


Having Personal Presence means that people listen to what you have to say, they are interested in your views and (more often than not) they will do as you ask. This ability to command attention and motivate people to act is something that can be learned and it consists of a series of inter-linked behaviours and techniques. The building blocks of ‘presence’ are to do with attitude and self-belief, body language, voice energy, planning and persuasive language patterns. This one-day workshop explores these methods for making a positive impact in a structured sequence and gives ‘hand on’ experience of trying them out ‘in action’.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly interactive one-day course you will:

  • Understand how to feel ‘self-confident’ as you engage with others
  • Explore tools for developing a positive ‘reputation’
  • Gain methods for persuading people to accept your point of view
  • Prepare effectively for influencing situations using the Scripting Technique
  • Discover how active listening builds rapport

Who should attend?

Managers, aspiring leaders, professional staff and technical specialists who want to be able to make a positive impression on others and talk in a way that motivates people to take action.

Day 1

Intentionality and mind-set

Part of having ‘presence’ is simply to be comfortable in your own skin, and to be prepared to be in the spotlight. It’s about being ready, willing and able to be the centre of attention, and speak up for what you think is right, in an authentic way.

  • Power Posture & Power Gestures
  • The Acceptance Prophecy
  • Credibility Statements

Group Exercise: getting the body language ‘right’

Group Exercise: using Credibility Statements

Ethos – developing your character

Ethos is about the fundamental values that a person possesses (or works to develop over time.) In the context of making an impact it’s also about choosing which values to ‘present’ to the world and consistently aligning them with your words and actions.

  • How Values work
  • The concept of the Personal Brand
  • Ethos and ‘Alignment’

Pairs exercise: developing a Personal Vision

Situational presence

Situational Presence involves taking a specific conversation, meeting or presentation and thinking about how you want the audiences (or other person) to feel at the end of the exchange. And then working out how to achieve that end result.

  • The Scripting Template
  • Strong Statements
  • Headline Statements
  • The Improvisation Technique

Group Exercise: using the Scripting Template

Pairs exercise: making Headline Statements

Connecting with people

Presence involves creating a certain level of rapport or mutual respect, and then building on that ‘human connection’ to influence others.

  • Be Here Now (the art of active listening)
  • The Smile of Friendship
  • Complete Acceptance Technique

Pairs exercise: practising Be Here Now

Bonding with people

An initial level of connection or harmony is a vital building block for creating a positive impact, but really charismatic people go on to deepen and strengthen that initial bond by creating extra levels of openness and personal warmth.

  • Summarising
  • Positive Flattery
  • The ‘What’s in it For Me’ (WiiFM) orientation
  • Matching & Leading Values

Pairs exercise: practising Bonding techniques

Speaking persuasively

People with ‘Personal Presence’ are adept at getting others to alter their views, attitudes or behaviour. And they achieve this by consciously using a broad range of influencing techniques.

  • Story Telling
  • The Killer Stat
  • Redefine Technique
  • Three step assertive Technique

Group Exercise: working with Story Telling

Pairs exercise: using the Three-Step Assertive Technique


All our programmes are run on an in-house basis and (where appropriate) we conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups to gather information with which to write bespoke case studies that precisely reflect the culture and work environment of the participants.


Feedback is based upon peer review using a Boulden assessment checklist. Completing the Boulden assessment checklist is not only valuable to the people involved in a given case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the building blocks that create excellent personal presence.

Course structure

There is an option of following the workshop with a three month long Action Learning project to link the lessons from the training back into the workplace. If this option is selected there is a closure workshop at the end of the project phase where delegates present how they have applied the techniques learned on the course into their daily work routines.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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