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Effective Business Writing

Training coursse in effective business writing

How to write for a business audience

Half Day Course

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Effective Business Writing brochure
  • Acquire a technique for setting clear goals for each document you write
  • Learn how to structure your writing
  • Understand about the importance of ‘tone’ in business writing


Good business writing requires that three goals be achieved; known as the ABC of good writing they are... Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity. From crafting memos that motivate managers to act, to responding to complaints or drafting proposals, this halfday workshop explains how to write clearly, convincingly and in an appropriate style.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly interactive and practical half-day course you will:

  • Gain an insight into the stages involved in an effective writing process
  • Understand the value of developing a structure before you start writing
  • Use a simple and direct prose style
  • Be aware of how ‘structural elements’ can help you get your point across
  • Acquire methods for effective proofreading

Who should attend?

This is a training programme for anyone who wants to be able to write clear, well-structured, professional documents.


Delegates should bring with them a selection of example emails, letters, proposals and reports etc. for analysis during the workshop.


Overview of effective business writing

Understanding principal steps that need to be followed in order to write well, in the business context.

  • 5 Aspects of effective writing
  • Time Allocation Formulae

Exercise: self-assessment against the 5 aspects

Preparing to write

Good writing starts with good planning!

  • Specify the brief
  • Headline statements
  • Outline plans
  • Standard email strategy

Exercise: developing a headline

Exercise: drafting an outline

Selecting a prose style

Understanding the importance of accuracy, brevity and clarity in business writing.

  • Mastering tone of voice
  • The ABC of good business writing
  • Being ‘human’
  • Beware pejorative words

Exercise: brevity

Exercise: avoiding pejorative language

Write the document

Setting aside time to write the document in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Get the environment right
  • Add the details
  • Imagine the principal reader

Exercise: practising writing

Structural elements

Making the document ‘look’ easy to read.

  • What are ‘Structural Elements’?
  • Use Images and Charts
  • Example of a ‘bad’ and ‘good’ Chart

Exercise: using structural elements


Checking your document.

  • Copy Editing vs Proofreading
  • Four levels of checking
  • The use of ‘checklists’

Exercise: copy editing


Feedback is based upon peer review using Boulden Assessment Checklists. Completing the Assessment Checklists is not only valuable to the people involved in a given case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the building blocks that make up effective writing strategies.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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