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The Leadership Academy

A group of aspiring leaders

Mastering the ‘human’ side of leading an organisation

5 day programme

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  • Learning how to set a compelling Vision
  • Being recognised as a coach and mentor
  • Manage stakeholder expectations


This is a highly flexible modular development programme for executives and senior managers who want to be confident, self-assured and in control of all aspects of their work as leaders of people.

The programme consists of ten, half-day training modules, covering the key aspects of leading people and can be run as (i) a week-long intensive programme, (ii) five one-day trainings, or (iii) ten half-day sessions (one a month for ten months).

Learning objectives

By attending this highly intensive and practical course you will:

  • Appreciate the ‘golden rules’ of good leadership
  • Discover techniques for communicating effectively
  • Acquire skills for coaching your direct reports
  • Learn how to develop a strong sense of team spirit
  • Understand how to deal with conflict and diffuse tension

Who should attend?

All leaders and senior managers who want to acquire a methodical and professional approach to inspiring their employees and also experienced leaders who would like to undergo refresher training in respect of their approach to motivating and invigorating their staff.

Programme structure - The Leadership Academy

The programme consists of ten, half-day training modules, covering the key aspects of leading people and can be run as (i) a week-long intensive programme, (ii) five one-day trainings, or (iii) ten half-day sessions (one a month for ten months).




Leadership Essentials
Half-Day Master Class


Developing Emotional Intelligence
Half-Day Master Class

Hiring Great People
Half-Day Master Class


Motivation and Delegation
Half-Day Master Class

Feedback and Coaching
Half-Day Master Class


Giving Bad News
Half-Day Master Class

Problem Solving
Half-Day Master Class


Leading Change
Half-Day Master Class

Influencing and Networking
Half-Day Master Class


Talent Engagement and Career Development
Half-Day Master Class


Module 1

Leadership Essentials

To understand how to provide dynamic and inspirational leadership.

  • Values & Culture Audit
  • Six Leadership Styles
  • Vision Template
  • Story Telling Format

Module 2

Emotional Intelligence

To understand how to control your emotions when dealing with difficult or challenging situations.

  • Core Values Process
  • The 3 Lens Method
  • Controlled Breathing
  • The Resource Triangle
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Matching Values
  • Three-Step Assertive Technique

Module 3

Hiring Great People

Learning how to get the ‘right’ people in place.

  • Interview Strategy
  • Behaviour Labelling
  • Behavioural Event Interviews
  • Biographical Interviews
  • Realistic Job Previews

Module 4

Motivation and Delegation

To understand how to inspire great performance by motivating staff and delegating tasks effectively.

  • Motivators and Hygiene Factors
  • SMART Goals
  • Delegation Strategies
  • Closing the Loop

Module 5

Feedback and Coaching

To recognise the need for, and value of, giving and receiving on-going, feedback and coaching.

  • Positive Feedback
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Facilitative Feedback
  • GROW Coaching Model

Module 6

Giving Bad News

Appreciating how to communicate a negative message clearly, concisely and courteously.

  • CIA Speech
  • Future Pacing Technique
  • Bullet Proof Glass Technique
  • Future Orientation Strategy

Module 7

Problem Solving Strategies

To understand how to solve problems effectively and make better decisions

  • Rational Problem Solving Method
  • The Decision Matrix
  • Risk Assessment Grid

Module 8

Leaders of Change

To understand how to manage the ‘human aspects’ of a Change Initiative.

  • The Transition Curve
  • The ADKAR Change Process
  • AIM Coaching Process

Module 9

Influencing and Networking

To understand how to make sure that your voice is heard and your advice is accepted.

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Power Base Analysis
  • Six Influencing Tactics
  • Lobbying Techniques

Module 10

Talent Engagement

To understand how to make sure that your voice is heard and your advice is accepted.

  • Potential vs. Performance Grid
  • PIE Model
  • Career Health Activities
  • UDS Career Coaching Technique


Group Coaching (Action Learning)

The Leadership Academy can also include an Action Learning phase, which involves the participants trying out the skills in ‘real life’ situations and then formally discussing how they are getting on in a group coaching session that is facilitated by the Boulden consultant. There are six coaching sessions over a six-month period (i.e. one session a month for six months).

The key principle that underpins this work is simply the notion that ‘practice makes perfect’; so people need to be helped to implement what they have learnt into their daily work routines. The group coaching allows the delegates to get access to guidance from a professional facilitator and receive support from their colleagues, as they try out their new skills in the work environment.

The group coaching also provides an opportunity for the Boulden consultant to run ‘micro teaching sessions’ on topics of interest that arise out of the debates that take place between the participants as they discuss what happens when they attempt to use the tools ‘in action’. In addition, this ‘group mentoring’ helps to develop the participants’ analytical skills, builds team spirit and encourages what psychologists call ‘deliberate practice’, which is a key element of mastering a new skill.


Feedback is based upon peer reviews using Boulden assessment checklists. Completing the assessment checklists is not only valuable to the people involved in a given case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the building blocks that make up the work of an expert leader.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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