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Leadership Capabilty - Half-Day Courses

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Learning the art of leadership

A half-day course on how to energise employees and assign work in a way that drives good performance and high levels of engagement.

A half-day course that covers the key elements of working with both Remote and Virtual Teams; from goal setting through to strategies for building team spirit.

A half-day course on the role and main focus of effective leaders including the importance of Vision and appreciating leadership styles.

A half-day course on how to get across an ‘unwelcome message’ in as clear and empathetic a manner possible.

A half-day course on what it takes to let people know how they are doing in a constructive and helpful manner, while (if necessary) providing structured coaching support.

A half-day course on the fundamentals of taking a group through the change process while communicating in an ‘authentic way’.

A half-day course on becoming fully aware of your personal strengths and weakness and appreciating how to synchronise your efforts with your co-workers.

A half-day course on the value of ‘connecting’ with your feelings and managing your emotions in a healthy, productive way.

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