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2-Day Courses

Half-day masterclass training courses

Time efficient, highly targeted, training sessions

Boulden 2-Day training courses are generally intended for more experienced managers, or more seasoned professional staff, who wish to expand their knowledge and skills into more advanced areas and move towards technical leadership or business leadership roles.

2-Day courses cover the largest number of subjects:

A series of courses on topics such as problem solving, project management, and advanced influencing skills.

Courses on inspirational leadership and coaching for excellence.

Courses on producing sales pitches and presentations that are convincing and persuasive.

A set of courses for covering account management, consutative selling and the skills of a professional sales manager.

Courses on providing focus and excellence in customer service.

Just one course on this topic, but it's an advanced one that will hone your ability to negotiate.

Again just the one here but it's the essential one of managing meetings.



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