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Half-Day Workshops

Half-day masterclass training courses

Time efficient, highly targeted, training sessions

Boulden Half-Day Workshops are condensed, fast-paced sessions for business leaders, managers and executives who want to develop their ‘soft skills’ but can’t afford to take too much time away from the office.

These modules highlight key messages and give concise information regarding each of the topics they cover; e.g. giving feedback, influencing, networking, delegation, managing remote teams, etc. The delivery style can be adjusted to take account of different staff levels; so these sessions can be used as refresher events for senior people or as powerful first time training events for employees who are new to a topic. The Half-Day Sessions can also be combined, in any order or sequence, to develop a focused intervention for particular people/groups/departments (e.g. to improve hiring practices, to boost employee engagement etc.)

Half-Day Workshops fall into four main categories:

A series of courses on running teams and monitoring performance

Courses on demonstrating vision and values

A collection of courses on acquiring core communication and emotional intelligence capabilities.

A set of courses for developing abilities in communication, engagement and influencing.



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