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Courses in Negotiation Skills

Choose your own bespoke workshop

Good leaders want to do what's best for their people. And part of that would include providing necessary training and the opportunity to improve their skills. But finding exactly the ‘right’ training programme can be challenging.

Choosing the Right Training

Perhaps, for example, you would like a team you run to get some Negotiation Skills training. However, a good Negotiation Skills programme is often around 3-days long, and you realise that much of that time is spent covering the basics, which your team are well versed in. What you would really like is to provide them with a short update on some of the enhanced negotiation techniques. As you think about it now, to get them to that point in a negotiation they could do with some training on the basics of being Politically Savvy, and also Diplomacy and then again, their Zoom presentation skills could also do with a little polish!

Bespoke Courses at an Off-the-Shelf Price

You realise that what you really need is a Bespoke Workshop. This is the ‘gold standard’ of training and something we have been providing to companies around the world for over 30 years. However, it has to be said, it can come with quite a hefty outlay; not only in terms of budget, but also time and resources. What then, if you could get many of the elements of a bespoke training, but at ‘off the shelf’ prices?

We have broken our many courses down into their various elements and techniques in order to provide a ‘pick n mix’, or ‘build your own adventure’ offering.

  • Each element has an e-learning module and live 2-hour Zoom workshop.
  • Each two-hour session is £625, plus £30 per person for materials (+ VAT if you are based in the UK.)
  • You can pick as many or as few sessions as you wish to form your bespoke programme.
  • Since these courses are run remotely, sessions can be fitted in around your team’s schedules and without any additional expenses for travel or accommodation etc.

Have a look at the list below and see what your team might benefit from.

Select from these 2-hour remote courses to bring your teams up to speed.

Learn to handle sensitive situations tactfully

Emotional Intelligence and how you can use it to stay in control

The role of the business partner

Learn to project yourself effectively

How best to support staff working from home or satellite offices

Making your point in a confident but courteous manner

Deal with setbacks calmly and positively

Conveying bad news with empathy

Building successful and trusted relationships

Learn to influence decisions without direct control

Manage and communicate successfully with teams at a distance

Getting your proposals approved

Building and maintaining a suitable network of contacts

How to motivate your team to produce their best

Design remote and hybrid meetings to be productive and efficient

Learn how to take a full part with confidence

Make the most of one-to-one sales meetings

Setting realistic and achievable goals without burnout

Learn to negotiate so that both sides win

Ask us about other topics

If you don't see the course you need in this list please contact us and we can look at adapting something to your needs.

These Pick n' Mix course are specifically intended to be taught remotely, so unlike most of our other courses they can't be switched to an in-house format, but we do have plenty of courses of different lengths - from short sharp seminars to multi-day events - that may be suitable for you in either format.



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