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Modular Development Programmes

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Modular development programmes that drive culture change

Our Modular Programmes consist of a series of workshops that are designed to both raise skill levels and (due to the on-going nature of the training design) promote a lasting culture change.

Each programme has three main components: (i) Interlinked training workshops, (ii) ‘On the job’ project work, and (iii) Peer group coaching. A key goal of the programmes is to encourage what psychologists call ‘deliberate practise’: breaking down skills into ‘chunks’, focusing on using the skills regularly (usually daily), and getting feedback. This is important because ‘deliberate practise’ leads to expert level performance.

This programme is for middle managers and covers everything you need to know about ‘human aspects’ of managing people at work. Subjects range from developing the manager’s own levels of emotional intelligence, through communication and influencing skills, interviewing strategies, goals setting, working with team dynamics.

The Leadership Academy is for senior managers and people in leadership roles who want to develop their ‘human’ aspects of leadership such as mentoring, communicating, motivating, and developing team spirit within their managers and staff; as well as helping themselves to feel and project confidence in their role.

The New Manager is for junior managers and looks at the core competencies involved in being a professional manager of a small team e.g. it examines the manager's role, delegation, feedback and coaching managing conflicts etc.

This course is for people who want to learn to be great sales people. It explores consultative selling skills, how to make formal sales pitches and effective negotiation techniques.

For those who want to learn to design and deliver courses at the highest level by applying strategies derived from Neuro Linguistic Programming and social psychology.

The Professional Business Partner programme is for HR, IT, Finance and other service-orientated professionals who want to master the key skills involved in providing a 'trusted advisor' service within their business unit. Areas covered include networking and influencing skills, internal consultancy and change leadership.

The Focused Career Management programme is for high potential employees and emerging leaders who want to take charge of their careers, It consists on a workshop covering key development issues like networking and ‘personal brands’ coupled with peer group coaching and mentoring from a senior executive or manager.

Impact and Presence is for those who want to communicate in a way that has charisma and gravitas, holding people's attention and developing rapport with them.

This course is for new graduate employees and gives them a thorough grounding in all the basic elements of their business life to allow them to become successful and valued in their organisation and to develop their careers.

The Selling Professional Services course is for professional people who wish to move into more of a marketing role as they rise into more senior positions in their organisations, and helps them to become comfortable with this transition.



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