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Negotiation Skills

Courses in Negotiation Skills

Learn the art of deal-making

Every year millions of dollars, euros and pounds change hands as a result of commercial negotiations. The high stakes, time pressure and psychological stress involved in these negotiations can and does cause mistakes to be made, as misunderstandings kill potential deals and money is left on the table.

Our courses range from an introductory level, for people new to the art of deal making, through to sophisticated influencing skills for experienced negotiators.

We offer a range of programmes to help people acquire the skills and capabilities of top class negotiators...

A 3-Day Workshop Our Mastering Financial Negotiations workshop is for people working in the Finance Sector, be they operating in the Loans, Bonds, M&A, or Insurance sectors and is appropriate for lawyers, consultants, brokers, M&A specialist etc. It looks as all aspects of planning and conducting a negotiation.

A two-day course for experienced negotiators to help them present persuasively and with confidence and achieve win-win situations.

A one-day course for people new to negotiation which gives them the foundations for negotiating effectively.

A one-day course for people doing relatively low value deals, on the phone

A half-day course on getting a fair price for a product or service; be that negotiating a price rise or agreeing an initial fee.

A half-day course on how to prepare for, analyse, and successfully conclude important deals.

A 90-minute Espresso course to learn how to achieve successful deals that both parties are happy with.

Choice of ‘face to face’ In-House workshops or Remote/Virtual Learning

All our courses have traditionally been held either (i) in hotels or training venues to allow delegates to focus 100% on absorbing the material being covered, or (ii) on the client’s premises ensuring minimal disruption and allowing us to keep in close contact to the client’s specific needs and corporate culture.

While the ‘face to face’ option is the ideal circumstance for efficient learning of soft skills, we know that it’s not always practical to have people meet in-person, so all our programmes can also be run in a Remote/Virtual Training format using Zoom-based virtual workshops (often with accompanying e-learning modules as pre-work.)

As always we are happy to configure and individualise our courses to suit your exact requirements.



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