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Virtual Training Programmes

Training in Customer Service

Access our training courses remotely

All our workshops can be delivered as Remote/Virtual Training Events

Designing the events in partnership with you

The process that we follow is:

  • Choose the overall topic to be addressed
  • Specify the Learning Outcomes
  • Design a number of virtual training modules
  • Facilitate the training
  • Reinforce the key messages via 'Deliberate Practise' (as an optional extra)

How the Remote Workshops are run

Preparation followed by Training Session

Each Virtual Training Module consists of e-learning pre-work (taking around 20 minutes to complete) plus a Virtual Training Session (of 90 minutes duration), usually delivered via Zoom or another agreed video-meeting system.

A Schedule to fit your Organisation

The modules can be completed in any sequence that make sense in the context of the organisational culture e.g. one a day, one every two days, one a week etc.

2-man operation to ensure smooth running

Each Zoom session is run by a ‘Lead Facilitator’, who delivers the material and a ‘Producer’, who handles all the technical aspects of each session e.g. logging people in, setting up virtual breakout rooms, troubleshooting etc.

Scientifically based techniques

As with all our training, the techniques covered are founded on published scientific research and have a firm 'evidenced base'.

Optional Reinforcement Phase

There is the option of following the training with a Reinforcement Phase, where delegates try out the skills from the training in real life situations and discuss the results they are achieving during a (virtual) group coaching session. The coaching is about helping delegates to implement the skills from the modules, in the workplace, using the Action Learning Philosophy. This encourages what psychologists call 'deliberate practice', which is a key element of mastering a new skill.


Example Virtual Training Programme

Our one-day Influencing Without Authority workshop, when delivered as a virtual training event, consists of…


5 x training modules

e-learning pre-work + 90-minute Zoom session

Typically, one session a week for 5 weeks

  1. Overview of Influencing Concepts and a review of the Six-Step Influencing Process
  2. Surfing the Zeitgeist +Setting Clear Goals + Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Building a Coalition + Presenting a Formal Business Case + Publicising Success
  4. Seven Key Influencing Strategies
  5. Five Fundamental Persuasive Techniques

3x Group Coaching sessions

Virtual Coaching Session (90 minutes duration) via Zoom

One session a month, for three months

Facilitated by the Boulden consultant

Includes discussion of live issues and 'micro training' inputs

Closure Reports

Delegates write a one-page report covering how they have developed their skills over the past 3/4 months (based on the 'Most Significant Change' Evaluation Technique)

The Boulden Consultant will collate these reports into a summary pack and send it to the programme sponsor

1 x Closure Workshop

Virtual Closure Session (90 minutes duration) via Zoom

Delegates present what they have achieved to each other and their Managers

Next steps and key learning points are agreed

Reinforcement of key messages

Boulden send out 10 'Top Tips' by email

One 'tip' a month for 10 months


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