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Using resources to achieve objectives

Effective managers work with resources (people, money, systems etc.) in order to achieve good business results for their organisation. At Boulden we are particularly concerned with the 'People' resource and the quality of relationships that managers can build with key stakeholders i.e. employees, peers, senior managers, customers and suppliers. We have an exciting and effective range of highly participative programmes for learning to influence, persuade and guide the actions of those stakeholder groups.

A range of different-length courses for improved management skills


Modular Programmes: Our Management of People programme covers, 'everything you need to know about managing people at work', consisting of two x 3 day workshops, plus group coaching sessions. And our The New Manager programme consists of six half-day workshops and six group coaching sessions (one session a month for 12 months)

3-Day Workshops: We have four, 3-day programmes that allow delegates to explore key management topics in depth, they are: The Effective Team Leader (for people with small teams or who are in foundation level supervisory positions); Managing the Individual Employee; Managing the Team and NLP for Managers.

2-Day Workshops: As standard, tried and tested programmes we have five, 2-day programmes including Professional Project Management, Professional Change Management and Focused Problem Solving.

Half-Day Workshops: There are nine, half-day workshops to choose from for those looking to cover specific aspect of management or to get a quick refresher in a key skills area. They include: Performance Management, Meetings Mastery and Let's Talk Talent.

Espresso Sessions: We have one, 90-minute espresso session for people who want a 'micro training' in understanding what it takes to be a 'Good People Manager'.

Choice of ‘face to face’ In-House workshops or Remote/Virtual Learning

All our courses have traditionally been held either (i) in hotels or training venues to allow delegates to focus 100% on absorbing the material being covered, or (ii) on the client’s premises ensuring minimal disruption and allowing us to keep in close contact to the client’s specific needs and corporate culture.

While the ‘face to face’ option is the ideal circumstance for efficient learning of soft skills, we know that it’s not always practical to have people meet in-person, so all our programmes can also be run in a Remote/Virtual Training format using Zoom-based virtual workshops (often with accompanying e-learning modules as pre-work.)

As always we are happy to configure and individualise our courses to suit your exact requirements.


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