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All professional people, regardless of length of service or seniority, need to acquire (and have refreshed) certain key skills or core capabilities if they are to perform to the required standard. These underpinning skills include the personal resilience and mental toughness associated with stress management and coping with change as well as the more subtle skills of networking, influencing and creativity.

Workshop topics covered in the Personal Development category include:

A half-day course on the art of getting the most out of each and every day, from handling email through to better prioritisation.

A half-day course on understanding the causes and effects of ‘stress’ and how to develop ‘resilience’ in the face of pressure.

A half-day course focused on how to survive and thrive when faced with the pressure caused by a corporate change initiative or a challenging series of events.

A half-day course on developing social networks and influencing the actions of other people.

A half-day course on the art of developing new ideas and generating innovative solutions to problems or challenges.

A half-day course on the importance of (a) listening skills and (b) assertiveness when interacting with colleagues, peers and customers.

A half-day course that looks at the skills of ‘working a room’ and developing a great set of personal contacts.

A half day course that explores techniques for getting additional work from recommendations provided by existing contacts.

A half-day course on how someone can take responsibility for developing their own career, through using a combination of self-awareness of their core strengths and career planning tools.

A half-day course on the murky world of Office Politics and understanding how decisions really get made.

A half-day course on preparing people to be able to give of their best when participating in a Development Centre.

A half-day course on presenting with panache and confidence to make a memorable impression.

A half-day course on how to write clear, well-structured, and professional documents.