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Sales Skills

Masterclass in Sales Skills

Our series of Sales Skills Half-Day Workshops build on the core skills of communication, engagement and influencing to allow you to understand the customer's needs and provide the sort of added value that will make them happy to buy from you.

Included in the series are techniques to subtly but effectively guide a sales meeting to a successful conclusion, presenting with panache and confidence in high-pressure situations such as sales pitches - whether to win new business or to get buy-in on internal projects, and how to overcome objections based on price when negotiating.

Workshop topics covered in the sales skills category include:

A half-day course on the specific sales ‘tools’ that great sales people use to influence customers.

A half-day course on what is involved in structuring and facilitating a highly productive face-to-face sales meeting.

A half-day course on how to structure and deliver a compelling sales presentation and come out first in any ‘beauty parade’.

A half-day course on getting a fair price for a product or service; be that negotiating a price rise or agreeing an initial fee.

A half-day course on how to prepare for, analyse, and successfully conclude important deals.