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Tailor Made ‘Soft Skills’ Programmes

Boulden Management Consultants

We design and deliver fast paced, participative training programmes that link back into the workplace. We cover all aspects of ‘soft skills’ development, including selling, negotiating, presenting, influencing, coaching, mentoring, managing and communicating. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and we've been running in-house, bespoke events for over 20 years and delivered programmes throughout Europe, USA, Africa And Asia.

New Pick n' Mix Workshops

Our latest development, launched Summer 2021, is the Pick n' Mix Remote Training Courses programme. These are 2-hour Zoom training courses that concentrate on specific topics and allow you to choose your own bespoke series of training courses at off-the-shelf prices.

A Range of Different Training Modes

In addition to the new Pick n' Mix courses, we offer seven distinct modes of training, that reflect the time pressures that organisations operate under and the complexity of the skills that need to be developed. They are:

Sixty Minute Seminars - bite sized development modules

Hour long remote sessions on a key idea or concept that are perfect for a pre-work Breakfast Briefing, a Lunch & Learn session, a late afternoon Study Break, or an after work 'Evening Class'.

Micro-training workshops

90 minute intensive trainings on a micro topic e.g. How to Work a Room, How to Deliver Bad News, that gives people the essential skills they need to perform well in a highly targeted area.

Condensed, targeted, training options

3.5 hours condensed, fast paced training for time poor managers and executives e.g. Effective Feedback & Coaching, Political Savvy. Our wide range of half day modules can be combined, in the sequence and number of your choosing, to build sophisticated and tailored developed programmes that meet your specific requirements; e.g. sales skills + presentation skills + negotiation skills, to create a development programme for sales staff.

Training 101 on essential subjects

Focused training on a specific topic e.g. Essential Presentation Skills, Essential Customer Care.

In-depth analysis of core topics

In-depth exploration of a key skills are e.g. Advanced Negotiation Skills, Advanced Influencing Skills.

Full emersion on key competences

Full emersion training on a selected subject area e.g. Management of People, Solutions Selling Skills.

Multiple Workshops + Peer Group Coaching

Multiple Workshops, over a period of weeks or months, interspersed with Group Coaching sessions, to build very high levels of capability and mastery of complex 'soft skills' areas eg. The New Manager, Selling Professional Services.

Workshops designed solely for the remote worker

Catering specifically to the different requirements and pressures of remote workers and the managers who handle them.