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Remote-Based Training

Negotiating in a Virtual World

negotiating remotely

Gaining a competitive edge in remote negotiations

Remote Course

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Brochure for Negotiating in a Virtual World
  • How to create value in the eyes of your client
  • Being recognised as a ‘trusted advisor’
  • Managing stakeholders’ expectations


This fast paced, remote training programme, is designed to give negotiators the knowledge, skills and ‘mindset’ needed for conducting successful negotiations over Zoom/Teams etc. It provides practical and focused advice on how to (i) build win/ win agreements that lead to mutually profitable long-term relationships, and (ii) defend against people who are determined to drive a hard bargain.

The training consists of eight modules, comprising:

  1. Eight, E-learning Modules that people do as pre-work. (This is in the form of a pdf file and each module takes around 20 -30 minutes to complete.)
  2. Eight, two-hour-long, live Zoom Workshops, consisting of Seven Content Sessions, where we briefly review the theory covered in the pre-work and then carry out a series of case studies. Also, One Role Play Session, during which delegates try out their negotiation planning and meeting facilitation skills in an extended case study.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly interactive remote course you will:

  • Understand the core concepts of effective negotiation
  • Explore the different types of negotiation style
  • Gain a ‘toolbox’ of influencing skills
  • Master a four-step negotiation planning process
  • Learn how to control the face-to-face meeting using the Deal Making Process™

Who should attend?

People with some experience of negotiation who wish to further develop their deal making skills in the virtual world.

Module 1

Core elements of 'Remote' Negotiation

To understand what’s involved in Remote Negotiating.

  • 10 key negotiation concepts
  • Communicating effectively online
  • Using e-email and text messages

Pairs exercise: developing an appreciation of the core principles

Pairs exercise: developing your online presence

Pairs exercise: making the most of emails

Module 2

Mapping out the issues

How to fully appreciate all the elements, variables and ‘moving parts’ involved in the negotiation.

  • Logical Levels Concept
  • Moving up, down and across levels
  • Softeners
  • Spotting interests and positions and highlighting ‘variables’
  • Logical Levels Interview Process

Pairs exercise: working with Logical Levels

Group exercise: moving up and down Logical Levels

Pairs exercise: conducting Logical Levels Interviews

Module 3

Planning a negotiation

How to prepare for a negotiation.

  • Building a database
  • Identifying BATNA’s
  • Mapping the issues (highlighting variables)
  • Setting objectives

Pairs exercise: mapping the issues

Module 4

Developing a negotiation strategy

Getting ready for the ‘face to face’ negotiation session (either in person or on Zoom/Teams etc.)

  • Design the Agenda
  • Delineating Opening Positions
  • Deciding the Timetable
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Small group exercises: designing an Agenda

Pairs exercise: delineating Opening Positions

Small group exercises: defining Roles and Responsibilities


Module 5

Facilitating a negotiation meeting

Facilitating the live ‘face to face’ negotiation session (either in person or on zoom/teams etc.)

  • Discuss the Agenda
  • Explore Logical Levels
  • Analyse Possible Deals
  • Link to the Closing Position

Small group exercises: conducting a negotiation meeting

Module 6

Four expert negotiation behaviours

Learning the key tools for effective communication that are used by expert negotiators.

  1. Asking Questions
  2. Behaviour Labelling
  3. Building Common Ground (the ‘Yes…And’, concept)
  4. Summarising

Pairs exercise: Questioning Techniques

Group exercise: Behaviour Labelling

Pairs exercise: Building Common Ground

Module 7

Four influencing skills

Learning techniques for talking persuasively and handling hostile behaviour.

  • Three-Step Assertive Technique
  • Broken Record
  • Assertive Fogging
  • Reframing

Pairs exercise: Three-Step Assertive Technique

Group exercise: practising Reframing

Pairs exercise: Assertive Fogging

Module 8

Negotiation role plays

This session is about ‘putting it all together’ by planning and running tailor-made negotiation role plays


This programme is delivered in a remote format.

Where appropriate, we conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups to gather information with which to write bespoke case studies that precisely reflect the culture and work environment of the participants.


Feedback is based upon peer reviews using Boulden Assessment Checklists. Completing the Boulden Assessment Checklists is not only valuable to the people involved in a given case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of skills used by outstanding Negotiators.

Follow up Coaching Support (Practise makes perfect)

The workshop can be followed by a 3/4-month-long group coaching activity (using the Action Learning Philosophy). This involves delegates trying out the skills from the workshop in real life situations and getting support and guidance from their peers and the consultant as they do so. If this option is selected there is a Closure Workshop at the end of the coaching phase where delegates present how they have applied the techniques learned on the course into their daily work routine (using the Most Significant Change methodology).

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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