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Dealing with Difficult Customers

Structured Sales Meetings

Manage rude or unreasonable clients

90 min Session

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Learn how to handle difficult customers and ‘bad’ behaviour on the part of clients.


  • Defining Difficult Customers
  • How to Deal With Difficult Clients Using a 4-Step Process:
    • Stay Calm: Adopt an Assertive Mindset
    • Understand the Issues: Use the 5 Why’s to uncover the root cause of their behaviour
    • Identify Solutions: Develop a response and ‘script’ what you want to say
    • Act: Deliver the message using 4 Key Communication Techniques
  • Personal Development Plan

Who should attend this in-house course?

Anyone who wants to understand how to deal with difficult customers when they make unreasonable demands or are rude and selfish.

Style and tone

‘Espresso Sessions’ are run in-house and last 90 minutes

The mood during the workshop is relaxed, open and positive

Techniques taught are based on research findings

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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