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The Art of Self-Control

staying in control

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Pick n' Mix Courses - Build your own bespoke workshop


These 2-hour remote training courses are a bit different from the others listed on the site. They're intended to be used as building blocks to allow you to create as near as possible a bespoke workshop tailored to your own specific requirements, but from off-the-shelf components. See the main Pick n' MIx page for fuller details of how this works.

2 hour Session

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Art of Self Control brochure

Learning Goal

Learn how to perceive, manage, and regulate emotions.


  • Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • The science behind EI
  • Four master competencies
  • Self Assessment: rating your own EI
  • Self Awareness: understanding your core values
  • A ‘micro coaching’ session on ‘Self-Control’ and the Three Lenses

Who should attend this in-house virtual workshop?

Anyone who wants to know what is involved in developing themselves to be able to lead and motivate themselves and others.


Pick n’ Mix sessions are run as virtual ‘Zoom’ workshops and last 2 hours. The mood during the workshop is relaxed, open and positive. The techniques taught are based on the latest scientific research.

E-Learning Module

Each Pick n’ Mix session is accompanied by an e-learning module that participants complete as pre-work. This allows us to focus on practical exercises and case studies during the live Zoom session.


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