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Fundamentals of Management

Training course in management fundamentals

Understanding the core aspects of the manager’s role

Half Day Course

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  • Learn strategies for effective goal setting
  • Master the three key components of effective delegation
  • Understand how to build team spirit


This half-day management intensive workshop, aimed at new managers, will provide insights into the core components of the manager’s role and how key tasks should be tackled. The workshop covers the ‘golden rules’ of good management and how to delegate tasks effectively. It also reviews the SMART goals concept, the importance of meeting your manager’s expectations, three essential communication tools and how to build team spirit.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly interactive and practical half-day course you will:

  • Discover a simple, yet elegant, process for planning to delegate an activity
  • Master powerful techniques for running team meetings
  • Acquire strategies for motivational goal setting
  • Learn the importance of ‘managing upwards’
  • Appreciate the underlying principles involved in being a good people manager

Who should attend?

This course is for all those new to management and who want to grasp the essential elements of the role. It is also suitable for experienced managers who want to have a refresher or for serving managers who have not received formal training in the role.


The manager’s role

Defining the role of the expert manager.

  • What does a manager do?
  • Understanding the resources that a manager controls

Exercise: designing a “report card”

The golden rules of managing people at work

Reviewing the theories, and guiding principles involved in effective management of people.

  • Understanding the key principles
  • Being aware of the common errors

Exercise: brainstorming the key principles

Smart Goals

People work well when they have clear goals and objectives that they can focus on achieving. Here we consider the importance of target setting in motivating employees.

  • Good quality goals and the ‘SMART’ criteria
  • Writing ‘SMART’ objectives
  • Developing action plans
  • Reporting upwards – managing your manager

Exercise: writing SMART goals

Delegation Strategies

Effective leaders and managers develop their people and create space for themselves to focus on high-level work by asking employees to take on assignments and projects on their behalf.

  • Why delegate?
  • Understanding the different levels of delegation
  • Three key success factors in planning to delegate an assignment
  • How to run a delegation meeting
  • Dealing with resistance and disagreement

Exercise: role-playing a delegation meeting

Core communication skills

Good managers have first-rate communication skills so that they can understand what their people are trying to tell them and make their own views clear. Here we focus on three of the most important communication techniques in the ‘managers tool box’ .

  • Active listening and the power of summarising
  • Behaviour labelling
  • The three step assertive technique

Exercise: practise at the three step assertive technique

Developing team spirit

Outstanding managers deliberately work to create a strong sense of team spirit and “togetherness” so that all individuals in the group will willingly help and support their colleagues. In this part of the programme we review some of the methods for achieving this goal.

  • The power of the group
  • Celebrating success
  • Confirming a shared identify
  • Handling failure

Exercise: identifying team development activities



Feedback is based upon peer review using Boulden assessment checklists. Completing the assessment checklists is not only valuable to the people involved in a given role play or case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the building blocks that make up effective management strategies.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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