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Leaders of Change

Traing course on change management

Learning a systematic approach to managing the people side of change

Half Day Course

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  • Learn to deal with emotional responses
  • Design powerful support systems
  • Master the art of being a role model for handling change


This half-day management intensive workshop will dramatically improve your ability to lead your team or department through a change process. The workshop begins by covering the ‘golden rules’ or fundamental principles of effective change leadership and goes on to explore what it means to be an ‘authentic leader’ who can deal with change in a positive, honest and flexible manner. We review a number of tools for dealing with uncomfortable conversations that deal with the doubt, worry and fear experienced by many employees as they confront change and look at systems for structuring those conversations in a productive manner.

Learning objectives

By attending this highly intensive half-day course you will:

  • Master a powerful technique for understanding peoples’ reaction to change
  • Discover the behaviours that are used by outstanding change leaders
  • Be equipped with the top 20 behaviours of expert change leaders
  • Learn how to create an environment where people can explore ideas and take risks
  • Grasp some methods for helping employees support one another as the change unfolds

Who should attend?

This course is for all managers and leaders who wish to improve their ability to work with their teams in times of change.


Characteristics of effective change leaders

Reviewing the qualities that are important in leading change in a positive and constructive way.

  • Understanding the psychological aspects of being a change leader
  • Examining your current beliefs & values

Exercise: making changes that you feel are appropriate for you

The transition curve

Based on the work of Kubler Ross the Transition Curve explores the stages that people go through when having to deal with a major change in their lives. For each step in the process (from ‘shock’ through to ‘acceptance’) we consider what is required to successfully move on to the next step in order to fully engage with the change process.

  • Coping strategies
  • Understanding where you and your employees are in this process

Exercise: developing coping strategies

Leadership responsibilities

Appreciating the leadership behaviours that are most valued by employees as they go through the change process and becoming aware of the negative or ‘derailing’ behaviours that undermine trust and cause doubt and uncertainty.

  • Positive traits
  • Derailing behaviours
  • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Guidelines on the top 20 behaviours for managers to make a positive impact during change

Exercise: learning to be a ‘role model’ for change

Understanding the Change Process

Good Change Management involves having a structured approach to driving an initiative that starts with making people aware of why a change is necessary (i.e. explaining why the ‘status quo’ isn’t a viable option) and ends with rewarding people for actually implementing the change.

  • Key topics in a structured change process
  • Highlighting the support that Leaders need to provide

Exercise: explaining the need to change

Authentic communication

Tackling head on the “difficult” or “uncomfortable conversations” that are associated with leading employees through a change process in order to foster a positive atmosphere.

  • Acknowledging the employees concerns
  • Assertive inquiry (asking probing questions to identify their real issues)
  • Agreeing Actions (moving forward with a constructive action plan)

Exercise: learning to listen fully and openly to employee’s worries and concerns

Creating change forums

An effective change leader creates ‘networks’ and forums where people can openly discuss how the change is affecting them and both give and receive help and support. Here we consider the range of options that are available to generating this climate of mutual self help and carrying a spirit of empowerment and imitative.

  • Individual conversations
  • Group interaction

Exercise: designing a support structure



Feedback is based upon peer review using Boulden assessment checklists. Completing the assessment checklists is not only valuable to the people involved in a given role play or case study, it also helps those completing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the building blocks that make up effective change leadership.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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