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Building Rapport

Building hugh quality relationships

Building high quality relationships

60 min Remote Seminar

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Learn what the research says about rapport building techniques

Understand what the psychological research in general (and NLP approach in particular) have to say about what it takes to build and maintain high quality relationships.

Experience tools for building rapport

This concise, high impact, Remote Seminar is a ‘hands on’ taster session of two (of the nine) primary rapport building techniques, plus an overview of the key principles involved in developing strong relationships.

Small Group Event - An opportunity for virtual ‘peer to peer’ networking

The event is limited to a maximum of six people per session, so participants can feel free to ask the questions and explore the issues that are important to them.

Personal Development & Company Strategy

Not only does the Sixty Minute, Remote Seminar provide you with the tools to be better equipped to build rapport and develop relationships, it also creates an opportunity to discuss how key skills can be integrated into the company’s culture. It can be run at your convenience as a: Breakfast Briefing, Lunch and Learn session, Teatime Training or Evening Class.


15 minutes Introductions, Core Rapport Theory
20 minutes The Positive First Impression Technique
20 minutes The Matching and Leading Values Technique
5 minutes Review and close



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